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Out of the Myths Series

Our artist, Eric L Knowlton, suffered a stroke in March of 2016 after a series of surgeries. He continues therapy and hopes to regain his ability to produce carvings but currently is no longer able to take any commissions. This is a family business, and while this is a setback, we hope Eric will be able to work at some time in the future. If you would like to donate to the family to assist in this difficult time, you can send donations to our GoFundMe campaign ( Donations can also be made by paypal here:


Out of the Myths – where Reality meets Myth

A series of exclusive, original designs morphing reality and NW Coastal tribal art.   The comment we most often hear at shows is ‘I’ve never seen anything like that before!’ – This series has been an instant hit.  Each piece is hand carved and hand painted.

chinook salmon out of the myths wood fish carving eric l knowlton reel trout studio

Design & Mythology:

“The elements of this design represent the trout head design, turned upside down & facing the tail to signify the relationship of trout & char as they feed on the eggs of the spawning salmon, which is represented by the red ovoid at the tail, placed in that position traditionally to show the life cycle being repeated by the salmon. The ‘S’ curves and the red split ‘U’ on the body represent the salmon flesh that has fed our people for millennia. In the last century, we have seen these valuable fish threatened. It is up to all of us to care for our rivers, lakes and oceans to ensure future harvests for the coming generations.”